How to Restore a Granite Composite Sink

How to Restore a Granite Composite Sink

How to Restore a Black Granite Composite Sink


Before Supreme Surface became a brand of stone care products and specialty cleaners, we spent more than 20 years as a natural stone company with a service department, Over that time we participated in thousands of granite composite sink restorations and repairs.  Even in cases where individuals have sandpapered their entire sink, this almost always created the desired result.  Over the past several years our Help Line has walked individuals just like you through this process over the phone, and now we have compiled the information into this simple how-to blog for your convenience.


We understand that many individuals may have questions or concerns about the process.  If the desired outcome was not reached, or if any question/concerns arise, we urge you to give our Help Line a call at 317-865-0000, and one of our stone-care pros will help find a solution.


To restore a granite sink we will need three separate products with three separate purposes, and a few common accessories to help out.


image what you need to restore granite composite sink



  1. Supreme Surface® Scum & Mineral Deposit Remover
    Used to thoroughly deep clean the sink. The goal is to remove oil, mineral deposits and soap scum from the surface, without causing more damage.
  2. Miracle 511 Seal & Enhance 8oz 
    It's used to enhance the color of the sink and reduce the rate of absorption. It must be 'Seal & Enhance'
  3. Supreme Surface® Granite Quartz & Marble Treatment 
    Why? Used to bond ioSeal to the surface prior to the  first use and used for care and maintenance in the future.
  4. Accessories: new paint brush, disposable bowl, and a solid white rag or towel.

       Mirical 511 Seal and Enhance 8 oz 

      • Search Phrase: Miracle 511 Seal and Enhance 8 oz. 
      • It's the smallest size available and you'll only use it once! 
      • Usually available at Walmart. com or Amazon


      With these, we can begin.

      The process will take about 5-10 minutes of effort, with a 4-6 hour waiting/drying period.


      Demonstration Video:

      One of our customers, Cathy K. created a demonstration video that we now offer to clarify the process for you.  If you would like a visual demonstration of sink restoration (as well as an excellent before-and-after example to see), view the video below. 



      Step one:

      Make sure the sink is completely dry.  Once the sink is dry, the first step is to safely deep clean the sink.  We want to remove all mineral deposits, soap scum, or other pre-existing messes.   Using the Scum & Mineral Deposit Remover, simply spray onto the surface, and let it sit for +/- 15 minutes.  Be sure to keep the area moist, not letting the product dry up.  After 15 minutes, gently agitate the surface to remove deposits, thoroughly rinse, and dry.


      We will want to make sure all messes or oils are removed, and that the sink is completely clean.  If oils have been used in the past, applying this product may temporarily make the sink look worse.  This is expected.  Oils will generally leave a wet appearance, so removing them will temporarily leave the sink looking chalkier.  We will solve this shortly.  Repeat this step until the sink's appearance no longer changes after each application. 


      Do not proceed to the next step until you are certain that re-applying the product will have no further effect.  We want to make sure there are no remaining messes, mineral deposits, or oils.


      Step two:

      Before you start:

      Before proceeding to step 2, we recommend ventilating the area by running a fan or opening windows.  The enhancer used has a potent smell, so properly ventilating the area will be your best friend.


      Begin step 2 by grabbing your paint brush, disposable bowl, solid white cloth/towel, and the Miracle 511 Seal and Enhance.  Carefully pour some of the 511 Enhancer into your disposable bowl.


      Ensure that the sink is dry, and begin using the paintbrush to apply the enhancer to your sink.  It is important that you apply the enhance to the entire sink.  Wait 4-6 minutes, and wipe the sink down with a solid white towel/cloth.  It's important to note that you want a pure white towel/cloth, since color might influence the sink's outcome.  Be sure to wipe off any and all excess.


      It will take between 4 and 6 hours for the sink to dry.  After the first hour, visually inspect your sink and decide whether it would benefit from another coat.  If so, repeat step two.  Keep in mind that the more coats you use, the longer it will take to dry.


      Even in cases where individuals have sand-papered their sinks, three or more coats are almost never necessary.


      Step three:


      Once the sink dries, grab the Supreme Surface Granite quartz and Marble Treatment.  Spray the entire sink and wipe it dry with our included microfiber cloth.  After spraying and wiping, your sink is safe and ready to use.


      With every use, the ioSeal in this product will bond to the surface.  This reduces the ability for future mineral deposits to bond, making them easier to remove in the future. It also reduces absorption and creates a smoother, more reflective surface.  Follow the instructions on the back of the treatment, using the product once per day for 10-14 days, then at least once a week to maintain the treatment.  This will allow ioSeal to accumulate and protect your surface to the best of its ability. 


      what to use and avoid on granite composite sinks


      Future Care & Maintenance:

      Supreme Surface combines everything you need to clean shine and protect composite granite sinks into a simple to use Composite Granite sink Care and Maintenance Kit. Two of the three products used in the restoration video are included in the video and the steps listed above.

      For the sake of preventing this from happening again, we have a couple of recommendations.

      First, we want to make sure we do not accidentally damage the surface.  Avoid using any harsh/acidic/alkaline-containing products on your sink. This means avoiding lemon juice, vinegar, bleach, window cleaner, oven cleaner, most leading brands formulated to remove Calcium, Lime or Rust, ammonia, et cetera.  You should also avoid using any abrasive or semi-abrasive or what is considered a non-scratch pad on your sink.

      Second, we recommend using Supreme Surface Granite Quartz & Marble Treatment with ioSeal Treatment on a weekly basis, to keep the surface properly clean and protected.



      Thanks and happy cleaning,

      Supreme Surface


      Want answers to your stone-care or cleaning questions? Feel free to reach out to us with any questions at, or call us directly.

      Interested in a joining the Supreme Surface community for advice, tutorials, and online assistance? Leave us a comment, we would love to know!

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