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Composite Sink Care and Maintenance

White Haze On Granite Composite Sinks

White Haze On Granite Composite Sinks

black composite granite sink with a white haze that has been etched and needs to be restored to look like new.

Let's identify the cause and options you might have to remove, prevent, or possibly repair.

Learn The Cause

There are four types of white haze commonly found in/on composite sinks: 

    1. Cleaning Issues (usually a simple repair and easy to prevent)
    2. Abrasive (Usually a simple repair and easy to prevent)
    3. Chemical (Quickly progresses into permanent damage)
    4. Heat (Quickly progresses into permanent damage)


  • Tom Munro

How To Deep Clean, Restore Color & Protect Composite Sinks

A 3-Step process for composite granite sinks with superficial damage needing dark colors restored. Step-1 deep clean removes mineral deposits (calcium, magnesium, lime, and salts); step-2 restores dark colored sinks giving a refreshed look, polished surface, and better performance; step-3 ioSeal protects the revived surface, making future cleanings easier.
  • Tom Munro

Blanco Sink Distributor Restores Black Composite Sink With NuVibrants

  • 0:00 Intro with Tom Munro From Supreme Surface and Munro-Co Brands
  • 0:21 Granite Composite Sink Care and Maintenance Kit With NuVibrants
  • 0:50 Lithology Stone Blanco Sink Distributor Louisville, Kentucky
  • 1:15 Blanco 60/40 Black Anthracite Composite Sink
  • 1:36 Bar Keeper’s Friend On Composite Sink
  • 1:57 Step-1 with Supreme Surface Scum and Mineral Deposit Remover
  • 2:24 Step-2 Make A Composite Sink Look New Again With NuVibrants
  • 3:09 Miracle 511 Seal and Enhance vs NuVibrants For Composite Sink Restoration
  • 3:37 Supreme Surface All In One Granite Quartz and Marble Treatment on Composite Sinks
  • 4:10 How To Remove Water Spots From Granite Sink
  • 4:54 Enhance and Resurface Composite Sinks  Using NuVibrants
  • 5:36 Voice Of The Customer Final Statement
  • Tom Munro