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Should White Quartz Countertops Be Sealed

Should White Quartz Countertops Be Sealed 2

A customer recently had white quartz countertops installed in her kitchen and wanted to know if they could be sealed. She was getting mixed opinions, so she reached out with an email to Industry Pro, Tom Munro.
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Travertine Care and Maintenance Tips 1

Travertine is a calcareous stone. When cleaning these types of stones it is extremely important to always use cleaning products that are pH neutral or balanced. This means avoid cleaners that are acidic, such as vinegar, lemon, and orange cleaning products.

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White Haze On Granite Composite Sinks 1

One of the more common issues related to a granite composite sink is preventing and removing the white haze. When a composite granite sink is new, the colors are vibrant and the surface has a nice sheen. With proper care and some do's and don'ts, these sinks are simple to keep looking like new for years to come. Even on the darker colors, brown and black.

Looking for products to help restore the look of your composite granite sink?

Composite Granite Sink Restoration using CTP Multi-Surface products.

Question: What Product Will Make My Granite Shiny? 0

Question: I have granite countertops that have become dull and I believe it's from the previous owners using strong cleaning products. Will the Supreme Surface Granite, Quartz and Marble Treatment make my granite shine again? If not, can you recommend a product that will work so that I do not waist money on polishes that don't work?
  • Tom Munro

Cleaning and Proper Care For Stone Showers: Marble, Travertine & More 3

Proper care and preventative measures are essential for maintaining marble and travertine showers. Avoid costly repairs with professional stone care tips and advice from Industry Pro, Tom Munro.  Learn how to: Know Your Stone; Play it safe with pH Neutral Cleaners; Daily Care and Maintenance; Avoid Calcium and Limescale Buildup; Preventative Care and Maintenance. That's all it takes to avoid costly mistakes!
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Knowing Your Stone: Siliceous vs Calcareous 0

If you have granite, marble, travertine or slate, a simple understanding on the difference between a siliceous and calcareous stone can prevent damaged and save money on costly repairs.
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