What is ioSeal?

What is ioSeal?

What is ioSeal?

The ioSeal Advantage

If you have natural stone, composite sink, or talked to a stone pro, you may have heard the term "ioSeal" before.

ioSeal is a unique formula that comes incorporated into specialty cleaners, as a method of protecting, and enhancing surfaces. Originating as a cosmetic ingredient, it was found that ioSeal could ionically bond to stone surfaces, forming a protective layer while slightly improving the color known as enhancing.

Sticking like a magnet does to steel, ioSeal defends your surface from future messes, repels incoming stains, fends off UV-damage, and leaves a smoother making it difficult for minerals and scum to stick. Future cleanings become easier.

how ioSeal Works 

 How it's Used

To simplify the process of cleaning and protecting granite, ioSeal is incorporated into select cleaning products.  This allows individuals not only to clean but also to protect and enhance with every use.  This two-in-one ability has been a method of setting the bar and bringing new convenience to home-owners.

With the assistance of the Chemist Paul Browning, ioSeal was applied to the granite industry, and can now be found in several top products in the industry.  A condensed list of ioSeal's benefits goes as follows:  

  • An additional level of protection against: stains, hard water spots, calcium and limescale buildup
  • Safe to use on unsaturated polyester resin, natural and engineered stones
  • Surfaces become smoother, more reflective
  • Colors become more vibrant
  • Helps protect against UV rays and fading


Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

1. Does ioSeal Replace the Need for Penetrating Sealers?

Although ioSeal does not replace the initial application of penetrating sealers, it effectively maintains and enhances the protection offered by such sealers.  With proper care and consistent use, this can remove the need for future re-sealing.

2. Can ioSeal be Found in Penetrating Sealer Formulas?

Rather than being in incorporated into penetrating sealer formulas, ioSeal is generally combined with cleaning products for granite, quartz, marble, and other natural stones.  This allows it to work as a multi-tasking treatment, simplifying granite maintenance.

3. Is ioSeal Unique to the Supreme Surface Brand Product Line?

No, ioSeal Protectants can also be found in select products from the CTP Brand product line.

4. Does ioSeal Contain Wax?

ioSeal does not contain any wax in its formula.  This allows it to effectively self-level, preventing any leftover residue.

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