Should White Quartz Countertops Be Sealed

Should White Quartz Countertops Be Sealed

Should White Quartz Countertops Be Sealed?

Many consumers choose variations of white quartz because of it's predictable patterning, beautiful colors and durability. 

Today we received an email from a customer that recently had a white quartz countertop installed in her kitchen. Having questions about quartz care and maintenance, she reached out to us with an email. 

    From The Customer: "Leigh P"

    We just installed new white quartz countertops. The company we used said that it is man-made and therefore doesn't need to be sealed. I just read somewhere on the internet that you should never "seal" quartz countertops. Can / should I use your Granite, Quartz & Marble Treatment to make them more shiny and bright? They said it could dull the shine over time.

    From Our Stone Pro: 

    It is true that engineered stone countertops, or “quartz countertops,” are man-made. However, this has nothing to do with the rate of absorption. It is also true that you shouldn’t use a “penetrating sealer” on quartz counters. Quartz counters are made with a natural stone aggregate and resin. The unsaturated polyester resin can have an adverse reaction with a solvent based sealer. This is why it is not recommended to seal quartz countertops, not because it will not stain.  

    As you have discovered, quartz counters do not shine like a polished granite. It is not recommended to use a polish on quartz surfaces because a polish that contains wax will build up and show wear. However, there are alternative solutions to polishes that contain wax. For example, ioSeal™ won't build up like a typical wax. It adds shine and progressively seals, adding an additional level protection. 

    To clean, shine and protect quartz countertops all in one bottle, consider using  Supreme Surface® Granite, Quartz and Marble Treatment with ioSeal.  

    A listing of chemicals that can damage quartz countertops

    • Abrasive
    • Strong alkaline
    • Acid
    • Free radicals
    • Oxidizers
    • Cleaners of the like (whether high, neutral, or low pH)

    Discover "The ioSeal™ Advantage"

    • Safe to use on gelcoats, unsaturated polyester resin, fiberglass, natural stones, engineered stones and more
    • An improved look and feel that's easier to clean and keep clean
    • An additional level of protection against: stains, hard water spots, calcium and limescale buildup
    • Surfaces become smoother and more reflective
    • Colors become more vibrant
    • Helps protect against UV rays and fading

    Specialty Cleaners for Quartz Countertops

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    • Tom Munro
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    • JEP

      Excellent product.wish I had known about it four years ago when I installed my granite countertops. They now have a high gloss , and smooth feeling . Much easier to maintain

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