Granite Sinks: Deep Clean, Restore, Seal, Routine Protective Care

Granite Sinks: Deep Clean, Restore, Seal, Routine Protective Care
Renew the look and performance of composite sinks in 3 steps:
  1. Deep clean without causing damage
  2. Beautify (reseal, enhance color, add shine, fill light scratches)
  3. Routine Cleaning with weekly Protective Care for quartz, granite composite sinks and countertops

Our 3-step process improves the look and performance of composite sinks with superficial damage and is backed with phone support as needed. Safe and effective or all popular brands, including Blanco, Krause, Franke, and more.

If your If sink is a dark-color (black, brown, or gray) and sections of it look better wet or oiled, vs dry, here's a long-lasting solution that works.

Step-1: Supreme Surface® Scum & Mineral Deposit Remover

Clean and prime the surface by removing scum lines, mineral deposits, and other hard water solids: calcium, magnesium, salt, soap buildup. This product also removes oil, wax, and silicone. It has a low pH but is mild compared to other leading brands. Sinks that have used oil in the past can look dull/worse after use. This is normal because it’s cleaning/removing the oil.

  • Saturate the sink and let sit for 1-15 minutes (deep cleans need more time vs. routine types of cleanings)
  • Lightly agitate with a sponge or pad
  • Rinse thoroughly, wipe dry, inspect for changes
  • Repeat this step until there are no noticeable changes when completely dry
  • How-to video Instructions Deep Cleaning Composite Sinks Using Supreme Surface® Scum & Mineral Deposit Remover Click HERE

 *If your sink looks acceptable when wet, you’re ready for Step 2. After several cleanings, spots that remain noticeable when wet are most likely permanent damage, not superficial damage. 

Step-2: Restore, Revive, Refresh Composite Sink Treatment

A long-lasting hardened shell that helps lower absorption adds shine, improves color, and hides light scratches.

  • If you need assistants, call our Helpline at 317-865-0000.
  • Spray onto a clean, dry sink, at room temperature
  • Spread thin layers to the surface “at room temperature” using a soft sponge, then wipe with a paper towel removing all excess
  • Recommended: Accelerate the drying process using a hairdryer. Hold the hairdryer +/- 12” over the sink, pointing it down and blowing warm air until dry
  • The surface should be at room temperature between each application
  • Allow the final application to sit until a full cure. More applications require more time to cure
  • Sinks starting with more damage begin with higher levels of porosity. These sinks will require more applications than sinks with less damage
  • How-to Video Instructions Restore Revive Refresh Color to Composite sinks using NuVibrants™ Composite Sink Treatment Click HERE

Step-3: Supreme Surface® Granite Quartz & Marble Treatment

Routine cleaning and protective care for composite sinks, countertops, and more, All-in-One Spray.

  • Spray onto the sink and wipe off using the (included) microfiber towel, paper towel, or soft cloth at least once before using the sink.
  • Continue using Treatment at least once daily, every day, for 10-14 days.
  • After 10-14 days, continue to use frequently.
  • Use frequently enough (try weekly) so your future water spots can easily be wiped away using a soft wet sponge and dish soap.

*Blanco, Krauss, and Franke recommend wiping composite sinks dry after each use. The ioSeal™ Advantage offers the flexibility and protection you want and most likely need.

Helpful Links:

 *Need Help? Call today at 317-865-0000, and we’ll be happy to assist

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