White Haze On Granite Composite Sinks


One of the more common issues related to a granite composite sink is cleaning a white haze. When a composite granite sink is new, the colors are vibrant and the surface has a nice sheen. With proper care and some do's and don'ts, granite sinks are simple to keep looking like new for years to come. Even on the darker colors, brown and black.

White Haze More Noticeable On Black Composite Sinks

The white haze is usually more noticeable on darker colors such as black and brown vs the lighter colors, white and cream. There are two things that typically cause the white haze; etching and mineral deposit buildup. If your sink has become etched, the damage is irreversible, but in many cases can usually be masked.

Mineral Deposit Buildup, Calcium & Limescale, Causing the White Haze

Unless you wipe your sink out after every use, water will evaporate leaving behind minerals. These minerals (calcium and lime) bond to the surface, progressively building up and causing the white haze to occur. It is important to prevent a composite sink from getting to this point. 

Removing Mineral Build-up Causing The White Haze

According to the Marble Institute of America, all natural stones should be cleaned with pH neutral cleaners. As a note, pH neutral or balanced cleaners are not formulated to remove mineral deposits. Most leading brands that are formulated to remove calcium, lime or rust, are considered harsh and can etch the surface.

It is possible to to revive the look of a sink that has a white haze caused by mineral deposits, calcium and lime. With two products and a few simple steps you can safely remove mineral deposits (calcium and lime) and add vibrancy and shine  to colors with a cleaning treatment formulated with ioSeal protectants.

What is Etching

When a granite sink has been etched, particularly on black composite sinks, it resembles the look of burnt charcoal or a white haze. Much like polishing a piece of black granite, the color transitions from a charcoal color to a dark black reflective surface. But when etched, it does this in the reverse order. If etching has occurred it can be masked to look better, but is considered irreversible damage.

If Your Sink has Been Etched

Moving forward, your only option is to mask the damage, prevent more damage, or replace the sink and prevent these issues from developing in the future.

An image that shows a piece of granite, one side polished and the other damaged. The damaged side has been etched.

 Black granite polished and unpolished resembling the look of the white haze on a black granite composite sink.

Prevent The Haze and Restore The Look

As as already mentioned, try to wipe the water out of the sink after every use. This will reduce exposure to mineral deposit build up.

Treatments or cleaning solutions that contain ioSeal™ bond a protective barrier to the surface. This barrier helps prevent mineral deposit buildup while improving cleanability and adding vibrancy to colors. An additional level of protection every time you clean!

Granite Composite Sink Care and Maintenance Kit by Supreme Surface®

Clean, shine and protect the look of composite granite sinks with Supreme Surface®.

  • Scum & Mineral Deposit Remover
  • Granite Quartz & Marble Treatment with ioSeal™

Supreme Surface® Scum & Mineral Deposit Remover is powerful enough to remove calcium, lime and rust, but gentle enough to not cause etching / damage to your sink.

Once these mineral deposits are safely removed, use Supreme Surface® Granite, Quartz & Marble Treatment with ioSeal to clean shine and protect, all in one bottle.

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