Granite Sinks: Deep Clean, Restore, Seal, Routine Protective Care

Granite Sinks: Deep Clean, Restore, Seal, Routine Protective Care 0

Renew composite sinks with a long lasting solution in 3 steps:

  1. Deep clean without causing damage
  2. Beautify (reseal, enhance color, add shine, fill light scratches)
  3. Routine Cleaning with weekly Protective Care
Recommended for all composite sinks with superficial damage, including: Blanco, Krause, Franke. and more. If your sink is a dark-color (black, brown, or gray) and looks better wet or oiled vs dry, here's a long-lasting solution proven to work in the field and backed with professional over-the-phone service and support.

Blanco Sink Distributor Restores Black Composite Sink With NuVibrants 0

  • 0:00 Intro with Tom Munro From Supreme Surface and Munro-Co Brands
  • 0:21 Granite Composite Sink Care and Maintenance Kit With NuVibrants
  • 0:50 Lithology Stone Blanco Sink Distributor Louisville, Kentucky
  • 1:15 Blanco 60/40 Black Anthracite Composite Sink
  • 1:36 Bar Keeper’s Friend On Composite Sink
  • 1:57 Step-1 with Supreme Surface Scum and Mineral Deposit Remover
  • 2:24 Step-2 Make A Composite Sink Look New Again With NuVibrants
  • 3:09 Miracle 511 Seal and Enhance vs NuVibrants For Composite Sink Restoration
  • 3:37 Supreme Surface All In One Granite Quartz and Marble Treatment on Composite Sinks
  • 4:10 How To Remove Water Spots From Granite Sink
  • 4:54 Enhance and Resurface Composite Sinks  Using NuVibrants
  • 5:36 Voice Of The Customer Final Statement
How to Restore a Granite Composite Sink

How to Restore a Granite Composite Sink 0

Before Supreme Surface became a brand of stone care products and specialty cleaners, we spent more than 20 years as a natural stone company with a service department, Over that time we participated in thousands of granite composite sink restorations and repairs.  Even in cases where individuals have sandpapered their entire sink, this almost always created the desired result.  Over the past several years our Help Line has walked individuals just like you through this process over the phone, and now we have compiled the information into this simple how-to blog for your convenience.