Blanco Sink Distributor Restores Black Composite Sink With NuVibrants


Tom Munro (00:01):

My name is Tom Munro with Supreme Surface® and Munro-Co Brands. Today, I had a wonderful conversation with the owner of Lithology Stone in Louisville, Kentucky. Lithology's been around for a while, serving as a distributor of Blanco Sinks, as well as quartz and granite slabs to marble and granite fabricators. I sent him a composite granite sink care and maintenance kit which consisted of two products, the All-In-One Granite Quartz & Marble Treatment, the Scum & Mineral Deposit Remover, and a two-ounce Sample, Try Me size of NuVibrants™. After using, here's what he had to say.

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Tom Munro (00:39):

I received your email and I wanted to answer your questions. If you want, just start from scratch.

OD Watts (00:47):

My name is O.D. Watts. I live in Louisville, Kentucky. I've been in the granite distribution business for 25 years,

Tom Munro (00:54):

Correct me if I'm wrong, but you're also a distributor of Blanco Sinks. Is that correct?

OD Watts (01:00):

Absolutely. I've sold Blanco Sinks now for 22, 23 years, and I have a full distributorship here in Louisville, Kentucky. I met Tom Munro years ago in Indianapolis trying to sell slabs to his fabrication shop.

This, the sink that I use or that I have in my home is a Blanco 60/40 black sink. They call it "Anthracite" which, I think your darker colors are more apt to fade is the wrong word, but discolor in a sense. We talked about how bad my sink had looked after eight years and unbeknownst to me, even though that I was told I could use a Barkeeper's Friend on my sink, I think it was detrimental to the luster of this composite sink.

OD Watts (01:46):

So I approached Tom and asked him, "Will this All-in-One work?" He said, "Well, as a matter of fact, I've got a new product that I'm trying out now." He sent me a sample of it with his Composite Sink Care and Maintenance Kit to give it a whirl. I had to clean the sink first with the Scum and Mineral Remover which I, first and foremost, when he introduced this product to me years ago, was shocked with what I could do with this product, and wash my hands in it even. It works fantastic. So I cleaned my sink with that, went through the procedures (that the video said needed to happen), let it dry, and then went back with the first application of NuVibrants.

Tom Munro (02:28):

The NuVibrants.

OD Watts (02:28):

The NuVibrants product. I'm like, well, a little skeptical, let it dry. Took about an hour just to make sure it cured. Don't even know that really a cure time needs to happen for a full hour. But it didn't hurt anything so I put another application on it and thought, "Hmm, I've got almost like a new sink again." It's shocking how close this product worked to getting mine back to full luster. But while the difference is it's on a scale of one to ten, I would give it an eight as far as looking like it did when it was brand new. I'm curious to know if I added another application, would it bring back even more?

Tom Munro (03:08):

Moving forward, one of the meaningful things of the NuVibrants' versus the Miracle 511 Seal and Enhance, in step two of a restoration, is that you can add to the NuVibrants at any time. You cannot do that with the Miracle 511.

Tom Munro (03:26):

You asked a question in your email, "Do you have to use the Scum and Mineral Deposit Remover prior to using the NuVibrants again?" The answer to that is if you've been using the treatment, the All-In-One Granite Quartz & Marble Treatment with ioSeal, and you want to use NuVibrants again in the future, you can do so as long as it's free of mineral deposits. If there are mineral deposits on there, you'll want to make sure you wash those away.

Tom Munro (03:59):

Chances are, if you've been using the treatment, you don't have any water spots on there that you can't just wipe off with a wet sponge. So I would just make sure there aren't existing water spots which are mineral deposits, calcium, and magnesium. Just make sure those aren't on there first. If there are, wipe them off if you need to. Because I know you're in the beginning stages of the treatment, you might need to use one application of the Scum & Mineral Deposit Remover prior to using the NuVibrants again. But it's not going to be like it was when you're doing a deep cleaning. You're just going to have to clean it. All I would do is follow the instructions on the back. That is, start with a dry sink, spray it on your sink, let it sit for, I don't know, 30 seconds to a minute. Then, take the soft side of the sponge, give it a quick wipe down, removing any existing mineral deposits. Rinse it, pat it dry.

Tom Munro (04:59):

Then when it's thoroughly dry, use the NuVibrants. Once again, just reapply it the way that you did. So again, I can't stress enough. That's one of the meaningful things about NuVibrants is you could just add to it whenever you feel the need of enhancing the color, adding shine, or an additional level of protection on those sinks. Does that answer your question?

OD Watts (05:22):

Yes, sir. It does great. It'll be great.

Tom Munro (05:23):

Do you have any other questions O.D. that I can answer for you?

OD Watts (05:29):

No, sir. Tom, I believe you've done it.

Tom Munro (05:31):

All right. Well, thank you very much for giving the product trial and we look forward to talking to you again. All right?

OD Watts (05:36):

Something again that Tom and Munro-Co, your Supreme Surface® products have knocked out the park. As well as your All-in-One and Scum Remover. I look forward to getting into some of the other products.


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