How To Deep Clean and Protect Composite Sinks

How To Deep Clean and Protect Composite Sinks

Composite Sinks: Deep Cleaning and Routine Care

These products and procedures thoroughly clean and protect the surface of composite sinks against mineral deposits: calcium, magnesium, lime, and soap scum.

Safe and Effective

  • Quartz/Granite Composite Sinks
  • Blanco, Krause, Franke, and more
  • Black, Brown, Gray, White, Beige and more

Before we start, I want you to understand two things:

  1. The leading cause of composite sink repair and restoration is strongly linked to chemical reactions and textured pads/abrasives. 
  2. If you need to deep clean your sink, it's easy to avoid with routine care that matters

Recommended Product: Scum and Mineral Deposit Remover

How-to Instructions:

  • For deep cleaning, saturate the sink and allow it to sit for up to 15 minutes at a time, keeping it moist
  • Agitate with a sponge
  • Rinse thoroughly, wipe dry, inspect for changes
  • Repeat this step until there is no change between applications when completely dry
  • How-to video Instructions for Deep Cleaning Composite Sinks Using Supreme Surface® Scum & Mineral Deposit Remover. Click HERE

    *Note:  If your sink looks good wet but has a whitish haze when dry, learn how to restore color with our 3-step process in the Helpful Composite Sink Care Instructions section below.

    Routine/Weekly Cleaning and Protective Care

    Recommended Product: Granite Quartz & Marble Treatment 

    A cleaner, polish, and sealer for quartz/granite composite sinks and countertops, All-in-One spray. We believe the Supreme Surface Treatment with ioSeal brings composite sink care to a new level, leaving behind a more protected and improved surface. It even makes future cleanings more manageable because ioSeal lowers the bond strength of future mineral deposits and water spots. Say goodbye to textured pads and harsh chemicals. Your sink will love it, and so will your countertops!

    Routine/Weekly Care Instructions:

    • Clean, shine, and protect All-In-One. Spray onto the sink and wipe dry using the (included) microfiber or any paper towel
    • Continue using Supreme Surface Treatment on composite sinks for 3-5 days in a row
    • After 3-5 daily applications to a composite sink, then use for weekly routine 
    • Daily and routine cleanings are more manageable
    • Protecting the surface against textured pads and harsh chemicals with ioSeal™
    • Try using Supreme Surface with ioSeal on your countertops and feel the difference!


    • Routine/Daily Care: All composite sink brands recommend wiping your sink out/dry after each use. However, the ioSeal Advantage offers more flexibility. 

    *Need Help? Call today at 317-865-0000, and we’ll be happy to assist

    Helpful Composite Sink Care Instructions Links:

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