How To Deep Clean and Protect Composite Sinks

How To Deep Clean and Protect Composite Sinks

Step-1: The Deep Clean
Scum and Mineral Deposit Remover

This product will remove mineral deposits such as calcium and lime that cause water spots, soap scum, grease, and oil. Milder than other products in its category and safe to use on composite sinks and more.

  • Saturate sink and let sit >15 minutes keeping moist
  • Lightly agitate with a non-scratch pad
  • Rinse thoroughly, wipe dry, inspect for changes
  • Repeat this step until there are no changes between applications
  • You are complete with Step-1 when you do not see differences between applications


  • If complete with Step-1 and your sink looks good when wet and wiped dry, advance to Step-2 before using the sink
  • If your sink looks good when wet but has a whitish haze when dry, this means you have superficial surface damage and need to restore the surface of your sink. Call our Helpline at 317-865-0000, and we will assist you or scan QR codes for instructional videos

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Step-2: Clean Shine & Protect
Granite Quartz & Marble Treatment with ioSeal

Clean, shine and protect, all in one bottle. Absorption levels become lower, surfaces smoother, future cleanings become more manageable, and dark colors (on healthy sinks) become slightly more vibrant.

  • Spray Treatment onto the sink and wipe off using the (included) microfiber towel at least one time before using the sink
  • Continue using Treatment at least once a day, every day, for 10-14 days
  • After 10-14 days, continue using frequently enough that future water spots wipe off with a wet soapy sponge and rinsed with water
  • Do not use textured pads or harsh chemicals in the future


  • Sink manufacturers recommend wiping your sink dry after each use, but ioSeal™ offers you more flexibility and protection.

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