How To Deep Clean, Restore Color & Protect, Composite Sinks

How To Deep Clean, Restore Color & Protect, Composite Sinks

Renew the look of quartz/granite composite sinks in 3 simple steps: Deep clean, refresh color, and routine protective care. A simple to use process that works on composite sinks with superficial damage. It's safe for all popular brands, including Blanco, Krause, and Franke. If your sink is dark-color (black, brown, or gray) and sections of it look better wet or oiled, vs dry, here's a long-lasting solution that works.

Step-1: Supreme Surface® Scum & Mineral Deposit Remover

Clean and prime the surface by removing scum lines, mineral deposits, and other hard water solids: calcium, magnesium, salt, soap buildup. This product also removes oil, wax, and silicone. It has a low pH but is mild compared to other leading brands. Sinks that have used oil in the past can look dull/worse after use. This is normal because it’s cleaning/removing the oil.

  • Saturate the sink and let sit for 1-15 minutes (deep cleans need more time vs. routine types of cleanings)
  • Lightly agitate with a sponge or pad
  • Rinse thoroughly, wipe dry, inspect for changes
  • Repeat this step until there are no noticeable changes when completely dry
  • How-to video Instructions Deep Cleaning Composite Sinks Using Supreme Surface® Scum & Mineral Deposit Remover Click HERE

 *If your sink looks acceptable when wet, you’re ready for Step 2. After several cleanings, spots that remain noticeable when wet are most likely permanent damage, not superficial damage. 

Step-2: Restore, Revive, Refresh Composite Sink Treatment

A long-lasting hardened shell that helps lower absorption adds shine, improves color, and hides light scratches.

  • If you need assistants, call our Helpline at 317-865-0000.
  • Spray onto a clean, dry sink, at room temperature
  • Spread thin layers to the surface “at room temperature” using a soft sponge, then wipe with a paper towel removing all excess
  • Recommended: Accelerate the drying process using a hairdryer. Hold the hairdryer +/- 12” over the sink, pointing it down and blowing warm air until dry
  • The surface should be at room temperature between each application
  • Allow the final application to sit until a full cure. More applications require more time to cure
  • Sinks starting with more damage begin with higher levels of porosity. These sinks will require more applications than sinks with less damage
  • How-to Video Instructions Restore Revive Refresh Color to Composite sinks using NuVibrants™ Composite Sink Treatment Click HERE

Step-3: Supreme Surface® Granite Quartz & Marble Treatment

Routine cleaning and protective care for composite sinks, countertops, and more, All-in-One Spray.

  • Spray onto the sink and wipe off using the (included) microfiber towel, paper towel, or soft cloth at least once before using the sink.
  • Continue using Treatment at least once daily, every day, for 10-14 days.
  • After 10-14 days, continue to use frequently.
  • Use frequently enough (try weekly) so your future water spots can easily be wiped away using a soft wet sponge and dish soap.

*Blanco, Krauss, and Franke recommend wiping composite sinks dry after each use. The ioSeal™ Advantage offers the flexibility and protection you want and most likely need.

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