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 White Granite Countertop

Question: I have a granite countertop that has lost its luster and is now dull. I think the previous owners were using strong chemical based products on the counters to where the granite has lost its shine. Will the Supreme Surface Granite, Quartz and Marble Treatment make my granite shiny again or are my expectations of a shine unrealistic. What products can I use to make my granite shine again?

Stone Care Pro: As a granite fabricator for nearly 22 years, I would like to try and assist. Although this product is formulated to clean, shine and protect (better than anything else I have used) it is certainly going to have limitations on damaged stone.

Firstly, the original polish finish on a granite countertop is 'not' created by using any liquid, paste, wax, silicone or powdered solution. The original polish on granite is created by using: diamond impregnated polishing pads, friction and water. If you've tried using the Supreme Surface® Granite, Quartz and Marble Treatment with ioSeal, as directed, and failed to get the desired look, you may need to consider professional help from a local marble and granite fabricator. Fabricators are the technicians that transform a granite slab into countertops. A typical marble and granite fabricator is equipped to cut, drill, shape and polish the edges of granite countertops. Most fabricators are not equipped to re-pollish the face of granite countertops and is not done within the home.

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