Granite Composite Sinks: Care, Maintenance and Products

Safely Remove Water Spots and Chalky Haze From Granite Composite Sinks

Black granite composite sink with chalky what haze caused by mineral deposit buildup.Composite sinks are typically available in a range of colors that include: black, white, bisque and brown. These types of sinks come with a protective coating integrated onto the finish. The lighter colors seem to disguise the chalky white haze much better than the dark colors. Mineral deposits are also known as: hard water spots, calcium, limescale and rust.

The video below is actual footage of black granite composite sink with mineral deposit buildup causing a white chalky haze. Supreme Surface® stone care products were used to refresh the look of this sink:

  • Scum and Mineral Deposit Remover (Listed below)
  • Granite, Quartz and Marble Treatment with ioSeal (listed below)



Know the Difference Between Mineral Deposit Buildup and an Etched Surface

Knowing the difference between mineral deposit buildup and an etched surface will determine the the difference between success and needing another sink.

Polished black granite along side an etched piece that resembles the whitish chalky haze that is commonly seen on a black granite composite sink.



Calcium and limescale can be removed without using harsh and abrasive chemicals. An etched surface means that harsh or abrasive chemicals have removed or damaged the sinks protective coating and serious damage has occurred. If etching has occurred you may want to consider a new sink or enhancing the colors with an enhancer or some sort of oil. Please note that this is not going to be a long term fix.

The ioSeal Advantage and Preventative Maintenance For Composite Sinks

Clean your composite sink with cleaners that are formulated with ioSeal and get an additional level of protection. With ioSeal, new sinks continue to stay looking like new and refresh the weathered look and performance of older granite sinks. Before your eyes you'll discover how ioseal makes colors become more vibrant make surfaces smoother and easier to clean.

Keep granite composite sinks gleaming and anew with Supreme Surface® "All-In-One" Granite, Quartz, & Marble Treatment with ioSeal.

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Granite Composite Sinks: Care, Maintenance and Products

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