How To Repair Composite Granite Sink, NuVibrants R&D 2

How To Repair Composite Granite Sink, NuVibrants R&D 2

Our latest voice of the consumer update as of February 6, 2022, using NuVibrants to restore a composite granite sink with damage. 

The products used for this repair and restoration are included in the Supreme Surface Composite Granite Sink, Cleaners Care, and Maintenance Kit. A link to the product detail page is provided at the bottom of this article.

*Note: If you have questions on how to clean, care or maintain composite granite sinks, call our Helpline at 317-865-0000.


It was a pleasure speaking with you yesterday and getting additional direction about the NuVibrants application. 

  • I used a kitchen bristle brush with the deposit remover that seemed to be effective.
  • I spray-applied 2-coats of the NuVibrants and smoothed out the runs with a new soft sponge
  • Allowed both coats to dry (approx. 1hr each) completely
  • I then applied the Granite Quartz & Marble Treatment with ioSeal  


Before, During, and After Pictures


A black granite composite sink with a whitish haze and pitted bottom that needs to be restored or repaired

This before picture shows what the sink looked like prior to starting the restoration repair. 

The side walls were smooth, but the bottom of the sink has texture from harsh chemicals that were used in the past. You'll notice there is a slight chalk-like haze in the sink.

Voice of the customer: As stated, the sink bottom had a rough texture, unlike the side walls which were smooth.

Step-1: After using the Supreme Surface Scum & Mineral Deposit Remover

Cleaning a composite granite sink with Supreme Surface Scum and Mineral Deposit Remove

After 2-coats of NuVibrants and the Granite Quartz & Marble Treatment

A composite granite sink that's been repaired using a 2-step process


The initial results appear to be satisfactory. Time will tell.

Understand periodic cleaning with the Granite Quartz & Marble Treatment will be needed to prevent reoccurrence from the hard well water deposits.


John D

Killington, VT

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  • Tom Munro
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  • Robert Flynn
    Robert Flynn

    Previously bought your composite sink kit a year or so ago and after speaking on the phone you recommend we get a product called 511 Seal & Enhance to get the shine back in our sink.Needless to say not many people sell the 511 product anymore or it is only available in large quantities. I like your cleaner and preserver and have plenty left. Is there a way to just buy the NuVibrants product alone?

    Robert Flynn

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